July 2018: I moved back to New York City.

In true gratuitous internet fashion, I wanted to broadcast a few things as I finalized my move cross-country.

Original post below:

samhorine_18444619_1862172350704327_7172689023196987392_n-1 Photo by @samhorine

First, I’m excited to be back in one of the best cities on earth. NYC contains a level of diversity that is hard to find in the United States, and I’ve always believed that being around different types of people and cultures is super important for personal/professional growth.

Second, Pemberton is open for new projects and collaborations. I’m excited to continue working with innovative companies, entrepreneurs, and artists to help launch brands, build businesses, and ship digital products. Please reach out if you need team-wide leadership or individual support on projects big and small: digital product design, brand identity, creative direction, and more.

Third, I’ve been exploring entrepreneurial opportunities
in the health and fitness space while working on Superset.
I believe in a bright future for health, fitness, and technology, and I’m eager to talk with New York-based founders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and owner-operators. If you’re looking to talk shop or explore future opportunities, let’s talk.

Lastly, thanks so much for following along. While I continue working on what’s next, I’m interested in branching out to help others (pro bono). If you need advice on a project, or simply want to talk shop, let me know.

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